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Selling Your Lladros - Part I - Why Do You Want to Sell

So, you want to sell your Lladros. The question is why? This is the first aspect (and hence part I) of starting the sales process. Why you want to sell your Lladros places boundaries on your possible sales methods and identifies your expectations regarding incoming cash in a way that allows you to assess your target market.

Let's say you have six Lladro figurines that you want to part with. The first question to ask yourself is how did you get them? Are you emotionally attached since you acquired them while traveling the road of life or did you simply inherit them and now they're just taking up space. In the former case, you want your Lladros to go to a good home and you want a fair price (since you love them so much, fair price means TOP DOLLAR). In the latter case, you want them out of the house and you want a fair price (which means A MODEST RETURN to MORE THAN TOP DOLLAR, depending of your tolerance for having six pieces of porcelain statuary around the house or stashed in the garage).

The next question to ask yourself is how fast to you want or need to sell you six Lladros? Urgent selling means lower prices because it limits your ability to say "no" to offers. But having no sense of urgency may suggest that you really want to keep your Lladros. As an example, my wife, as a Lladro dealer, has one retired piece that she is willing to sell for $50,000.00. It has been in our living room for 20 years. Do you think she really wants to sell it?
The final question to ask of yourself is how much experience do you have in selling things - not the casual garage sale sort of thing or selling the old car through the want ads, but selling your product to an upscale market. Yes, Lladro is an up scale product. People buy them because of emotion - artistic appreciation, connection to a life event, or the passion of collecting. But when they do buy them, they expect a certain expectation level regarding accuracy of description and product delivery whether they live next door or across the country or world. Are you ready for it?

Now that you have answered these questions for yourself, in the next part we'll look at they ways on can actually sell their Lladros. We'll consider local venues, to and through dealers, and by auction such as eBay. We'll start with local venues.

Andy Andrews

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