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The time has come! After 40 years as collectors and 19 years as an Authorized Lladro Dealer, it's time to move on and spend more time with family and friends. Located in Los Alamos, NM since 1993, we still love Lladro and we are not parting with our private collection.

Everything offered in this sale is brand new. It may have been displayed in our gallery and boxes were opened to take pictures. But every item, unless otherwise noted, is how you would receive it in the gallery.

This is a great chance to save a lot while doing your Christmas and holiday shopping. But there are a few rules for this clearance sale.

1. Everything we have for sale is listed on the site.

2. Everything will be sold first come, first served. This is a little tricky and needs some explanation.

a. Daily, we will eliminate those items from the site that have been sold.

b. On a given day, if two or more people select the same item, the order with the earliest date-time group wins. If the second person has paid by PayPal, his or her money will be refunded promptly. If payment was by credit card, the fully encrypted credit card data will be deleted encrypted.

c. For telephone orders, we will check for any orders received and, if you are the first for the item, you win.

3. All prices are for US delivery. If the shipping address is outside of the United States, we will determine the extra cost, advise you of the charge, and ship after recipt of the additional cost.

4. Finally, we reserve the right to make mistakes. We have gone to great lengths to check and double check everything, but a friend of our's is named Murphy and he has this law;)

Now it's time to shop and save a bunch, whether the present is for the someone special or for you. Of course, you're special too.

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