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Andrews Gallery' Policies


All orders placed with Andrews Gallery over $100.00 US include shipping by ground transportation to addresses in the United States. While we may choose a more rapid form of transportation, it is not guaranteed.

Because of the size and variety of items sold by Andrews Gallery, please allow up to 10 to 14 working days for delivery. That's 2 to 3 weeks on the calender. Quicker delivery is available, but incurs an additional charge.
Andrews Gallery is not a shipping company. Hence, we use the US Postal Service, Fedex, and United Parcel Service depending on the circumstance. All of these services offer next day, two-day, and three-day types of delivery. When we use them, we incur a charge. We pass this charge onto you if you have requested expedited shipment. Our table of maximum charges is as follows:
  • Overnight: $60.00
  • Two-day: $40.00
  • Three-day: $25.00
On the check-out form there is a place to indicate shipping preference. The default entry is ground ( free shipping or $8.00 based on value of order).

Please remember that the terms overnight, two-day, and three-day can be misleading. It is dependent on when we receive the order within the day and when we receive it during the week. For example, if your order is received at 4:00 pm on Friday, it generally will not be able to be processed until Monday. If you call us in desperation and we can take care of the order, it will have to go by US Postal Service Express Mail.. It probably cannot get into the postal system until Saturday, which means a Sunday delivery at best, but most likely, Monday. We understand how important deliveries are and will work as hard as we can to get the special package to you. But please remember, the faster you need it, the more it costs. And sometimes it can't be done. If you have doubts, please call. We will work with you to find a solution.

International shipping will be charged at cost. The form will allow you to select surface or air, but will not enter a cost.

All shipments are insured at no cost to you in the United States. For international orders, packages will be insured as part of the shipping cost unless insurance to your country is not available.

Back Orders

On our pages we offer a wide variety of figurines and liquid silver. From time to time, these items are on backorder. With respect to Lladró figurines, the items may be in transit from Spain or they may be in the queue for production.
When you place your order, we charge your account and we commit to the shipment of the figurine. If the item is on backorder, we (and you) have three choices.

1. The order can be cancelled and we will credit your account or send your a refund check, depending on your form of payment.

2. We can leave the item on backorder and the payment transaction does not change. This means that the item will automatically ship to you when received by Lladró USA or us and you will retain your place in the queue for the item.

3. You can tell us to refund your money but leave the item on backorder. In this case, we will cancel your order for automatic shipment, we will check periodically with Lladró USA for the item, and we will contact you when it becomes available to reestablish payment. At that time, your order will be able to reenter the queue and if sufficient pieces are available, you will receive yours.

If you decide to cancel a backorder status order, we will check to verify that shipment has not been made and issue credit. If shipment has been made, we will issue credit as soon as the item is returned. Of course, you have the option of keeping the item and letting the sale stand.

Unless you are a well established customer of a business, any business will require payment before shipment, book clubs and the like notwithstanding. If you are a well established customer with us, we will afford you the courtesy of leaving backorders on automatic shipment and temporarily crediting your account if requested.

Return Policy

Japanese Nobleman I
Andrews Gallery stands behind its mechandise and will replace any defective or broken product (we must be notified with 3 days of receipt). Further, we will exchange any item purchased from us within a reasonable period of time. However, because of the graphic nature of our merchandise, returns are not accepted unless the possibility has been discussed with us prior to purchase.

Certain things are beyond our control and stuff happens. For example, you order an item and request (and pay for) expidited delivery. The item doesn't arrive on time. That's our fault and it can be returned.

You order that perfect wedding present and the marriage falls through. Three months later you want to return the item. We get grumpy - exchange only and you pay the shipping.
Summary: We replace broken or defective merchandise. If the order problem is our fault, it can be retruned. If it's a problem on your end, exchanges within a reasonable period of time. When in doubt, call us when you place your order.

These pages, and all contents, are Copyright (C) 1995-2011 by Andrews Gallery, Los Alamos, NM, USA. Andrews Gallery is not responsible for typographical pricing errors that may occur within this web site. If in doubt, please call the Gallery to confirm the price. Lladro, USA, owns the trademarks for Lladro.

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