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Retired Lladro Reference 1997 - 2011

Please read before continuing.

Listed here are those pieces retired in 1997-2011. They are listed for your convenience identifying recently retired pieces. We do not include the "Add" buttons unless they are retiring this year. While we can often provide these pieces, please check with the Gallery by e-mail or phone. Availability goes up with more recent retirements. We make no claims about availability. Again, these listings are for your convenience in searching for recently retired pieces. We would like to add other years, but please recognize that this is a labor intensive process.

Hockey Player, Football Player, The Aviator, the Zodiac series and Children of the Week are not available.

How to Use the Retirement Lisings.

There are drop down menus for navigating one each page of the reference.

Using the Andrews Gallery Lladró Retirement Reference is easy - just point and click. Nevertheless, there are a few items that might make using the catalog a bit easier.

1. The listing is first organized by year and then in three general groups - core, Gres and limited (usually, generally, most of the time). The core list has Numeric and Alphabetic tables. The list includes both gloss and matte finish Lladró's, but does not include Gres or limited. Gloss finish Lladró's have stock numbers beginning with a "0". Matte finish Lladró's have stock numbers beginning with a "1". For these listings, the "0" and "1" have been ignored in the numerical sequencing. Gres and limited sculptures have been treated similarly. In those instances where the number of retirements for the year is small, no sorting has been applied.

2. Gres sculptures are fired at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time than the other Lladró sculptures. Because of this, they have different colors and textures. Accordingly, they are listed in their own list. Again, we have included both alphabetic and numeric listings when appropriate.

3. Limited sculptures are Limited Editions and also include the Lladró Elite sculptures. As with Gres, they are listed in their own section. We have included both alphabetic and numeric listings when appropriate.

4. Enjoy the retired listings and let us know if you like it, find it useful, and, of course, any bugs you find. Send your comments to andy@AndrewsGallery.com. But please remember, these listings do not imply availability or current price, if available.

5. Finally, if you are looking for information about a piece and you know it's name or number, it is easier to find it using the search capability seen above.

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